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The name of this blog came from a story that one of my ballet students and dearest friends (Story is her name) wrote about me for school. It was one of the nicest and best gifts I've ever received, not only that a story was written about me, but more how the story changed my life.

A bit of background: I met Story when she started dancing at the studio. (She was 15 at the time.) I'm not sure when we became so close, but I liked her from the beginning. I think because in a lot of ways she reminded me of myself. One thing we bonded over was our love of the TV show "Once Upon a Time." (If you've not seen it, you should not be wasting time on this blog. You should be skedaddling yourself on over to Target to pick up season one on DVD. Best. Show. Ever.) We would talk about it often and how much we loved how magical and hopeful it was. One day Story told me that she thinks I am really Snow White but am trapped in this world because of a curse, just like Mary Margaret in the show. But one day, the curse will break, and I will remember, and everyone else will know, that I am Snow White. (Story, of course, is Emma.) This makes me smile every day.

I'm learning to see myself the way Story sees me.

The story by Story -- Anna Who Believes in Magic

Anna who believes in magic is sitting and waiting. For what? Maybe I’ll never know. 

She lives with a rabbit who is not really a rabbit, but a person who just happens to be trapped in a rabbit body. He understands her more than any other human, and even though he’s silent, he speaks a thousand truths. 

Anna, who sometimes doesn’t realize how important she is or how wonderful she is, dances because it’s the only time she feels magical, though that’s not true. She dances to show her true happiness, which is another kind of magic, a magic only those who have found their niche can show. That is why she is magical, because she has found something that makes her happy, which is something only the luckiest people in the world have found. She glitters on stage like the Blue Fairy, and those watching can only expect for pixie dust to fall where her feet touch. 

But few have found magic here. Magic is a childish thing, a game played to escape from woes. Look inward, do you truly believe? I doubt it. Anna does, despite being surrounded by those who don’t. 

Anna who believes in magic is not waiting. She is simply watching over a world where magic has not touched yet, a beacon to those who are lost, who have seen too much sadness in a world that is not compassionate. 

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