About Me

I'm Anna. I'm 34, and I am a West Virginian who lives in Atlanta. 

I am a middle school teacher. I became a teacher at the age of 30, and it absolutely is my calling in life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching middle school

The title of this blog came from a short story one of my most-loved friends, Story, (she started as my ballet student) wrote about me for school called Anna Who Believes in Magic, as well as many conversations we've had and more things she's written to me. Oh, and Story also thinks I'm Snow White. She thinks I, and the world, can't quite remember that's true right now, but it is. Which I love, because that one belief has had more of an impact on my life than pretty much anything else ever. (If you ever get the chance to unknowingly convince someone else you're really a fairytale princess, I highly recommend it. :) ) 

I like to blog about books, my students and why I love them, and other fun things, but I also share a lot about pain, heartbreak, and struggles, too. 

Some things I love are old movies (and the music that's always played during the opening credits), Rosalind Russell, dancing, being Catholic, my rabbit Snicks (in loving memory, 2010-2017, the love of my life), wine, Cary Grant, the Czech Republic, Once Upon a Time, the theatre, Jane Austen, traveling, Europe in general, college football (Go Mountaineers!), 78 degree weather with a breeze, Grace Kelly, teaching English, summer, donuts, the ballet, Fulton Sheen, the Hepburns (Audrey and Katharine), New York City, Hitchcock films, the ocean, Princess Kate, beer, books, reading blogs, good manners, rules, and old-fashioned things. Oh yeah, I also love Joe, who is a gift from God. (And so worth the wait.) 

Some things I do not like are when people chew anything loudly, mushrooms, vulgar things, people who snap their gum, people who make unnecessary noise, people who are always on their phones, people who are fans of the Pittsburgh Panthers, disorganization, messy things, people with bad manners, and laundry. 

I am SO happy you are here. 

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